Rishi Mouland

Rishi Mouland

Research Associate in High Energy Theoretical Physics

DAMTP, University of Cambridge


I am a Research Associate in the High Energy Physics group of the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics (DAMTP) at the University of Cambridge, where I am also an affiliate of St John’s College.

My interests involve a number of areas of quantum field theory and string/M-theory. Most recently, I have been looking into the use of non-Lorentzian Lagrangians towards a better understanding of superconformal gauge theories. Both in this work and more broadly, I am interested in the role of topological solitons in quantum field theory, particularly in the enhancement of symmetries.

Other interests include precision holographic approaches towards six-dimensional SCFTs, and the ever-growing intersection between Machine Learning and Theoretical Physics.

  • PhD in Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics, 2021

    King's College London

  • BA and MMath in Mathematics, 2017

    St John's College, University of Cambridge


  • rishim@me.com
  • Centre for Mathematical Sciences, Cambridge, CB3 0WA