Rishi Mouland

Rishi Mouland

Research Associate in High Energy Theoretical Physics

DAMTP, University of Cambridge


I am a Research Associate in the High Energy Physics group of the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics (DAMTP) at the University of Cambridge, where I am also an affiliate of St John’s College.

Much of my recent work has been concerned with the construction and study of certain quantum mechanical models that provide models of quantum gravity via holography. Such models provide a rich and relatively tractable arena to probe quantum black hole physics. Furthermore, I am interested in the amenability of such models to both classical and quantum simulation.

I am also interested in novel non-Lorentzian approaches to the formulation of particular conformal field theories that lie at the heart of our understanding of string/M-theory.

  • PhD in Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics, 2021

    King's College London

  • BA and MMath in Mathematics, 2017

    St John's College, University of Cambridge


  • rishim@me.com
  • Centre for Mathematical Sciences, Cambridge, CB3 0WA