Six-Dimenional Correlators From a Five-Dimensional Operator Product Expansion


In this letter we discuss the operator product expansion of scalar operators in five-dimensional field theories with an $SU(1,3)\times U(1)$ spacetime symmetry. Such theories arise by a novel conformal null reduction of six-dimensional Lorentzian conformal field theories. Unlike Lorentzian conformal field theories, three-point functions of generic operators in such theories are not completely fixed by $SU(1,3)\times U(1)$ symmetry. However, we show that in a special case the functional form of the OPE coefficients can be fully determined, and we use them to fix the form of the three-point function. The result is shown to agree with correlation functions obtained by reduction of six-dimensional conformal field theories.

Rishi Mouland
Rishi Mouland
Research Associate in High Energy Theoretical Physics

My research interests include string theory, M-theory and conformal field theory