Conformal Quantum Mechanics, Holomorphic Factorisation, and Ultra-Spinning Black Holes


We study a limit in which a relativistic CFT reduces to conformal quantum mechanics, and relate the partition functions of the two theories. When the initial CFT is holographic, our limit coincides with an ultra-spinning limit in the gravity dual. We therefore propose that ultra-spinning black holes are dual to an appropriate ensemble in finite-dimensional conformal quantum mechanics. The limit is studied in detail for SCFTs in four and six dimensions. These theories have a superconformal index which can be computed by gluing together two or more blocks. Applying our limit to the index effectively isolates a single such block. Our results therefore suggest that ultra-spinning black holes play the role of blocks in the gravitational dual of holomorphic factorisation.

Rishi Mouland
Rishi Mouland
Research Associate in High Energy Theoretical Physics

My research interests include string theory, M-theory and conformal field theory