Supersymmetric soliton $\sigma$-models from non-Lorentzian field theories


Recently, a class of non-Lorentzian supersymmetric Lagrangian field theories was considered, in some cases describing M-theory brane configurations, but more generally found as fixed points of non-Lorentzian RG flows induced upon Lorentzian theories. In this paper, we demonstrate how the dynamics of such theories can be reduced to motion on the supersymmetric moduli space of BPS solitons of the parent theory. We focus first on the $\mathcal{N}=(1,1)$ $\sigma$-model in $(1+1)$-dimensions with potential, where we produce a supersymmetric extension to the standard geodesic approximation for slow kink motion. We then revisit the $(4+1)$-dimensional Yang-Mills-like theory with 24 supercharges describing a null compactification of M5-branes. We show that the theory reduces to a $\sigma$-model on instanton moduli space, extended by couplings to additional fields from the parent theory, and possessing $(8+8)$ super(conformal) symmetries along with 8 further fermionic shift symmetries. We derive this model explicitly for the single $SU(2)$ instanton.

Journal of High Energy Physics 04 (2020) 129
Rishi Mouland
Rishi Mouland
Research Associate in High Energy Theoretical Physics

My research interests include string theory, M-theory and conformal field theory