Non-Lorentzian RG flows and Supersymmetry


We describe a general process where a non-Lorentzian rescaling of a supersymmetric field theory leads to a scale-invariant fixed point action without Lorentz invariance but where the supersymmetry is preserved or even enhanced. We apply this procedure to five-dimensional maximally supersymmetric super-Yang-Mills, leading to a field theory with 24 super(conformal) symmetries. We also apply this procedure to the BLG model with 32 super(conformal) symmetries and ABJM models with 24 super(conformal) symmetries.

Journal of High Energy Physics 06 (2019) 130
Rishi Mouland
Rishi Mouland
Research Associate in High Energy Theoretical Physics

My research interests include string theory, M-theory and conformal field theory